gourmet CAKES.

gourmet SHAKES.



Located in the beautiful City of Brotherly Love, Cake & Shake is the ultimate dessert truck to satisfy your sweet cravings.


Cake & Shake is launching this summer 2017! We will be offering gourmet single-serving slices of cake imported directly from Italy. The menu will also feature specialty breakfast items, served warm and sweetened to your desire. Our premium dessert shakes start with a layer of rich cake on the bottom, followed by a scrumptious, hand-crafted shake creation, and topped with mountains of goodies to ensure a satisfied sweet tooth. 

Our truck is designed by Industrial Food Truck, LLC.  We feature a rotating menu for our desserts based on demand and seasonality. Our magnificent lineup of hand-crafted shakes are prepared with natural ingredients. No sugary sweeteners or artificial flavors are added; we firmly believe in raw talent

We also provide catering for all of your private and corporate events! Please click here to download our extensive catering menu. We are dedicated to exceed your expectations and provide you the sweetest experience in town!


(267) 668-5870


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